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Responsive Web Design – the new design standard for 2013

2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year in terms of new web developments. One such development is the field of Responsive Web Design (RWD), which began to come to the fore in 2012. But we predict that it will really take hold in 2013. Why? Because of the multiplicity of devices that people […]

1&1 Internet – charging for domains they no longer hold

As a web developer, I groan inwardly whenever a new client comes to me with a domain they’ve registered with 1&1 Internet. Why? Because 1&1 are notorious not only for cheap domains and hosting, but also for terrible support, and mis-charging. Or perhaps that should be fraudulent charging. Twice recently I’ve had clients of mine […]

How to create rollover buttons using only CSS (no Javascript)

Note: if you need help with any of the above, just let us know! We’ll be happy to advise, and equally happy to do it for you! As part of my work, I analyse existing websites developed by other people. These websites are often (though not always) greater than 3 years old. However, it constantly […]

How to use Google’s Geocoding and Maps APIs with PHP and MySQL

Preamble Recently I had a requirement from a client to be able to display numerous different Google maps on their website. “Simple” you might say – just use the Google Static Maps API to generate each map, and you’re done. Well, it wasn’t quite that simple. The client basically wanted to be able to generate […]

7 of the latest and greatest web design trends

Over the past year there has been so much that has changed in the web design world. With the emergence of the iPad, and the ever increasing Smart Phone market the web is changing, and taking the way we access it with it. We have also seen web browsers begin to adopt HTML5, CSS3 and […]

Why you need a website

One of the questions I’m often asked goes along the lines of “I run a small business and I can’t sell my product or services online. So do I need a website?” My answer is always, unequivocably “yes”. Even if you believe that your product or service can’t be sold online, a website is an […]

The biggest myth in graphic and web design

This is an interesting article, and something web designers come across day after day:

A website is more than just good design

It’s the raison d’être for any designer to make things look pretty—and web designers are no different. I started my design career as a web designer almost ten years ago—a long time in Internet years. Before I went freelance I had a number of jobs that exposed me to all the facets of producing websites: […]

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