Are you a new business needing a logo and overall design for your brand? We can provide a complete service to give your business a consistent look and feel.

This design work can be used on all stationery, marketing material, signage… and of course can be carried through to the design of your website.

We begin the process with a design consultation, in which we discuss your needs, preferences, likes and dislikes, and your vision for your company. We then come up with a number of logo ideas, which we develop in conjunction with you. When you have chosen an idea, we work this up into the finished item. This usually also provides the colour-scheme for your marketing material and website.

It’s a joined-up process – consult, design, consult, design, produce. And the important thing is that you’re involved as much – or as little – as you want to be, at every step.

E-mail us at or call 01765 35 70 70 with your requirements, and let us show you what’s possible.