Many companies use HTML e-mails to communicate with their customers. A designed HTML e-mail is far more attractive than a plain-text e-mail, and can be used to advertise products, send newsletters and much more.

HTML e-mails are designed much like a website, and are displayed in your customer’s e-mail app in full-colour, making your communication much more visually appealing.

To make this easier for our customers, we give you control of the email using Mailchimp. A free service, Mailchimp is specifically designed to help businesses send out engaging emails. Mailchimp offers a range of templates, which makes sending emails simple.

We also offer a fully-managed email design and sending service ourselves, using Mailchimp as as basis. And we also provide reports on how successful your e-mail campaign was, including data such as:

  • How many of your customers opened the e-mail
  • How many clicked links within it
  • How many times they viewed your e-mail

You can use this data in future campaigns to send your customers  targeted information that they are actually interested in, providing you with a valuable marketing opportunity.