eCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento web sites

eCommerce is the method by which people can buy products or services from your web site. The process must be as simple as possible to encourage people to buy from you, and crucially, to keep buying from you in future.

There are many examples of this being done to great effect; Amazon, eBay, John Lewis etc. All have simplified the process of buying so that their users can do it effortlessly… and almost without thought.
When developing eCommerce websites, we keep those principles foremost in our minds.

Over the years, we’ve experienced many different eCommerce technologies; some of which have been good, and some bad!

One of the better systems to have emerged in recent years has been WooCommerce. WooCommerce available as an open-source system built on top of WordPress, with a large community of developers contributing to new features. WordPress also has the advantage of using ‘themes’ – a modular type of design which can be installed and used much like a template.
A large marketplace exists for WooCommerce, where it is possible to buy a variety of themes, plugins and add-ons, making it an extremely flexible eCommerce platform.

We’ve created many eCommerce sites, including the following:

Magento to WooCommerce Conversion Service

Although we no longer recommend Magento to our clients due to its ever-increasing and unneccesary complexity, we do offer a Magento – WooCommerce website conversion service. This is highly-successful, and enables you to carry on with your eComemrce business with the minimum of disruption. We recently wrote a blog article about it on our sister website, which you might like to read.