E-mail design and sending services

Many companies now use HTML e-mails to communicate with their customers. A designed HTML e-mail is far more effective than an ordinary plain-text e-mail, and can be used to advertise products, send newsletters and much more.

HTML e-mails are designed much like a website, and are displayed in your customer’s e-mail program in full-colour, making your communication much more visually appealing.
To make this easier for our customers, we can give you control of the email using the Mailchimp service. Mailchimp is a free service, specifically designed for sending out well-designed, readable and engaging emails.

We are able to design, create and send these e-mails for you, using a system which prevents your e-mail from being treated as spam by your customer’s e-mail program. We can also provide reports on how successful your e-mail campaign was, including data such as:

  • How many of your customers opened the e-mail
  • How many clicked links within it
  • How many times they viewed your e-mail

You can use this data in future campaigns to send your customers information that they are actually interested in, providing you with a valuable marketing opportunity.

We’ve created HTML e-mail newsletters for a number of clients, including the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, who send regular communications out to their members. Why not ask us to do the same for you?

E-mail us at info@websiteconsultants.co or call 01765 35 70 7o with your requirements, and let us show you what we can do.