About Web Consultants

My name is Kelly Teagle, and I’m an experienced web designer, developer & consultant.

However, I realise that in this industry, it can be better not to be a ‘jack of all trades’, so, if you require skills outside of my immediate skill-set, I have a trusted team of computer software programmers, graphic designers, animators and other media-related professionals whom I regularly work with. Collectively we can bring our customers high-quality websites, branding and stationery at sensible prices.

Our skills include: web design, development, graphic design, database design and development, project management, search engine optimisation… you get the idea. EVERYTHING to do with websites.

I pride myself on my experience and our professionalism. I’ve been in the web design industry for over 14 years, and began serving my clients under my previous company name of CK Services in 2006.

Why do I call myself a ‘web consultant’?
Why not ‘web designer’ or ‘web developer’?
Because it came to me that my team and I do far more than ‘just’ web design and development. We listen to our customers’ needs, gaining an understanding of their business before suggesting a solution which is right for them. We guide them through the whole process, from specification, to design, to completion.
And it doesn’t stop when the website is complete. We advise our customers on how to proceed once the website is live, and provide after-sales support.

In short, we provide a full consultancy service.

If you would like to work with us, then drop us an email at or call 01765 35 70 70

Or you can find out more about me personally at or on my blog at